Staying Connected with ATU 583 During the COVID 19 Pandemic

We understand our Member’s need to stay in direct contact with us, your Officers, especially in such a troubling time. We invite you to sign up for our website email subscription, which can be done at and midway down the page is a box to enter your email. You will receive a verification email, please verify. We also advise liking/following our Facebook page: search ATU583, we post many updates there as well.

Most importantly:

In an effort to get the messages we have out to as many of you as we can, in one easy place, we have set up a Telegram group. Telegram Messenger is a free app you can safely download from the app store. It is very much like WhatsApp in workability; however, it allows us to have almost a limitless chat. Whereas WhatsApp only allows 250 and many of the groups on there are full, necessitating the creation of many. Having one serves our purpose better.

Telegram will allow you to connect with Officers of the Local and ask questions that can be answered quicker than via our website or Facebook page as well as information updates as they are available.

If you want to be added to our Telegram group chat please download the app and text 403-404-4564 ON THE APP and ask to be added. For privacy reasons Officers will only add those who ask. If a friend or coworker adds you and you do not wish to be in the group you can simply exit and cease receiving notifications.

We are doing our best to give as much information as we can. As you are all experiencing, a global pandemic creates a lot of uncertainty and frustration. We ask for your patience while we try and navigate how best to stay in touch with you. Our Members are our top priority. There is no Union without all of you and we are grateful and proud of the way our Members have stepped up for Calgary and its citizens. We are doing our best to make sure you can do that as safely as possible.

In Solidarity,
Mike Mahar
President/Business Agent
ATU Local 583

COPE 397 MM/jr

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