Updates: Telegram App, Retiree Dues and Sanitation Kits

Good morning Members,

A few quick updates:

If you have not yet joined our Telegram Messaging group please download the app from the App Store and text your name and phone number to our Fin Sec Harry Lew at 403-404-4564 to be added. It has thus far proven to be a very good method of keeping in touch with the membership.

A note for any retirees that may be checking this page, we appreciate your diligence in paying your dues, however at this time we ask that you not put yourself at risk by coming into the office to pay. We are happy to accept your cheque by mail, otherwise we will wait until the Covid 19 crisis has passed before once again advising anyone to do a walk in. If you would like to speak to someone about this please feel free to reply here or call the office.

Officers were out at 4 am this morning (Mike at Spring, Neil at Vic Park, Bill at Stoney, Harvey at Anderson and Exec Board Members Doug Waugh at Track and Way and Michaela Hannem at Oliver Bowen) to deliver and distribute sanitation kits. They’ve left some behind as well. They are now regrouping to find the best way to get to afternoon members/remote people and those not at a garage. If you are able to stop by one of the above garages you are welcome to pick up a kit. There is info inside the kit on when and how to refill the bottles.

More updates will be forthcoming.

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