Holiday/Christmas Greetings

On Tuesday December 24th, 2019 the Officers of ATU Local 583 and Calgary Transit Management will be co-hosting a Christmas Greeting at each Transit facility, starting as early as 0400 at some locations. There will be coffee and treats provided, … Read More

Election Results – Term of 2020-2023

Elected Representatives 2020-2023 Page 1 Elected Representatives 2020-2023 Page 2 Elected Representatives 2020-2023 Page 3 Vote Tally for President, Executive Vice President, Finacial Secretary Treasurer and Recording Secretary Maintenance Office Vote Tally for Chief Steward Operations, Executive Board Operations 2, … Read More

Reminder – Election Day

This is a reminder that tomorrow is Election Day (December 7th, 2019). You can vote in person at the office between 5 am and 4 pm. Please be advised that you should only vote in person if you have not … Read More

Christmas Gift Pick Up 2019

For those unable to attend the Children’s Christmas Party: Children’s gifts will be available for pick-up at the Union Hall from: December 2nd, 2019 until Noon on December 24th, 2019 Union Office – 5325-1A Street S.W. 2nd Floor (p) 403-258-1258 … Read More

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