Bill 32 – Blog

Something a little different for today’s blog. We are linking/reposting a very informative post on Bill 32 and why it is damaging to labour, unions and workers. Written by Professor Jason Foster, Athabasca University – July 10, 2020 Link to … Read More

ATU Local 583 – Communication – Blog

Communication During the last election (late 2019) we received a mandate from the membership to focus on reaching out to the Members through multiple electronic media. The intent being to build better relationships through communication. However, that is not the … Read More

Q&A with Mike Mahar

Q: Why is Edmonton recalling their laid off Members and Calgary is not? A: Edmonton has treated the entire Covid 19 pandemic quite differently than the City of Calgary. They actually laid off very few employees and unlike Calgary they … Read More

CT Riders Deserve Safe Transit

Calgary Transit is bringing in under-qualified transient staff to disinfect transit vehicles during the COVID 19 pandemic. This puts you and all of us at a greater risk. CT Riders deserve safe transit, check out this link and demand your … Read More

Did you know we have a Twitter?

Did you know that we have a Twitter account? @ATULocal583 – we will be ramping up our tweeting with a variety of posts both fun and informational. If you’d like another method of keeping in contact with the Local please … Read More

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Keeping public transit running during a public health emergency has taken a great team effort by thousands of dedicated employees.

The system remains extremely vulnerable and contracting out the disinfecting of these vehicles during a deadly pandemic is a reckless and irresponsible experiment that puts the riding public at risk.

Call your City Councillor and ask them to rethink this madness!