Petition – ATU Canada – Underfunded Transit Crisis

Dear Sisters and Brothers

In just two short months, funding for public transit systems like ours has been decimated by the reduction in revenue due to the Covid – 19 pandemic. It is unknown when or how quickly ridership will return to a level close to what we had just three months ago. Hundreds of our members and thousands of transit workers across Canada have lost their jobs due to the lack of support from the Federal Government.

Public Transit is a necessity if our City is to remain first class on the world stage and to sustain an inclusive society for all walks of life. Funding this system can not be left this fragile.

ATU Canada has lead the move to bring national attention to the under-funding crisis in the transit industry in Canada and Local 583 has been there all the way.

We are almost there and we’re asking every member, every family member and every friend to “Take action NOW by signing and sending our petition:” LINK TO PETITION

Proper funding will allow our members to continue to serve our City during normal times and through tough times like today.

In Solidarity
Mike Mahar

Info Link from ATU Canada

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