Greenline – Write Your City Councillor – Emails Provided

Please see the attached letter from the Calgary and District Labour Council. There is a serious risk of this project being delayed and the City losing the multi levels of Government funding.
If you support the expansion of public transit in Calgary please contact your Councilor and let them know.

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

On June 1, the City of Calgary Greenline Committee will be considering the merits of the project. I am asking you to contact your City Councilor and the Mayor and support the project. This project has been studied exhaustively, and we need to get shovels in the ground.

It is an essential piece of infrastructure for the future of Calgary that is approved, but there are people in Calgary who want it to be delayed, reconsidered, and shelved. We are facing a deep economic recession because of COVID-19 and the collapse in the price of oil. Calgary will need projects like the Greenline to stimulate the economy. Economic estimates indicate that the Greenline will create 20,000 jobs.
Jobs we need.

This project is fully funded, with commitments from all orders of government. In addition to the jobs created it, will help Calgary lower our greenhouse gas emissions. The Greenline will make it easier to travel around the City.
Calgary needs projects like this; please write to your City Councilor to support the project:

Ward 1:
Ward 2:
Ward 3:
Ward 4:
Ward 5:
Ward 6:
Ward 7:
Ward 8:
Ward 9:
Ward 10:
Ward 11:
Ward 12:
Ward 13: Ward 14:

If you’re not sure who your City Councilor is, please visit:
A delay to the Greenline delays jobs.
Please contact your City Councilor and the Mayor.

In Solidarity,

Alexander Shevalier, President
Calgary and District Labour Council

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