Bill 32 – Blog

Something a little different for today’s blog. We are linking/reposting a very informative post on Bill 32 and why it is damaging to labour, unions and workers. Written by Professor Jason Foster, Athabasca University – July 10, 2020 Link to … Read More

ATU Local 583 – Communication – Blog

Communication During the last election (late 2019) we received a mandate from the membership to focus on reaching out to the Members through multiple electronic media. The intent being to build better relationships through communication. However, that is not the … Read More

ATU Local 583 – Fraternity and Unionism – Blog

Fraternity is defined as a ‘group of people sharing a common profession or interest’. Many of you are likely already aware that trade unions in fact grew from actual fraternities, more notably, the Knights of Labour. *The Knights of Labor … Read More

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