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Fraternity is defined as a ‘group of people sharing a common profession or interest’. Many of you are likely already aware that trade unions in fact grew from actual fraternities, more notably, the Knights of Labour.

*The Knights of Labor was an American labour federation active in the late 19th century, especially the 1880s. It operated in the United States as well in Canada, and also had chapters in Great Britain and Australia. They were known, among other things, for pushing the social and cultural uplift of the working people.

Today, we recognize fraternity as the basis for unionism. We know there is strength in numbers and a common voice. Labour itself, including our very own Local, would be drastically different without fraternity. Without a group working for the common good of all, would we have the ability to negotiate a fare wage or safer working conditions? Most assuredly not. Government would have a much easier time slashing until there was nothing left for any worker to build on alone.

As a Union, it is more important than ever for us to stick together as one. The Representatives are voted in to act on the best interests of the Members, but that common, unified voice is needed to direct and to uplift. This year especially has been exhausting, we are all living through a pandemic and uncertain times, but we must not become complacent and we must keep fighting for our united goals.

Looking at the actions being taken against workers at all levels of Government right now, it is very clear there is no “Best Before” date on our fraternity.

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*Information from Wikipedia

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