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During the last election (late 2019) we received a mandate from the membership to focus on reaching out to the Members through multiple electronic media. The intent being to build better relationships through communication.

However, that is not the only intent. While more communication empowers Members, we also seek to allow them to take ownership of their Local. More communication means more involved and better educated Members which means a stronger and more united front. Now more than ever, that is incredibly important.
A couple new ways we are trying to reach more of the Membership: Facebook and Telegram.

In February of this year we created our Facebook page. Members immediately flocked to it and at present we currently have 631 following. This is not only another outlet for Members to reach out to us, it was an incredibly important tool during the emergence of Covid 19. We were unable to meet for many months due to social distancing restrictions and inability to make quorum with so many people self-isolating. Facebook gave us a platform to post prerecorded videos to the Members, updating them on what was happening. A short time after each video, we held live Q&As. Being able to reach our Members during a time when we couldn’t meet face to face was critical. Having already established the page helped immensely because our Members were already aware the page existed and knew it was a place they could seek information.

Telegram came in March. We created an Official ATU 583 Group on the app and turned it into a place where Members could have a direct line to the Officers. The group’s purpose is as a Q&A forum where Members can ask questions and an Officer or admin can get back to them. That group currently sits at over 940 members. Since inception we have communicated daily, answering Members specific queries and compiling anything that affected the Membership at large into Q&A posts for our website (which we also linked on Facebook). This more personal setting has had endless positive feedback. Of course, any new way of doing things comes with some critiquing and we also appreciate respectful observations.

Another recent benefit in communications is that the International has confirmed we have the ability to do elections electronically. This would suggest we should likewise be able to do much more monthly interaction with the Membership online, through such things as referendums. We see this as a powerful new tool to engage the membership and will be developing technical support and protocols around this over the next few months.

Overall, we are striving to communicate with Members in as many ways as possible. Our world is ever-changing in terms of tech and the capability to go further with the delivery of the connections our Union relies on. We heard it loud and clear and we agree.

Members are always welcome, and encouraged, to reach out to us anytime they need or want to.

Some ways to get in touch and stay up to date:
Website: (Our home page includes a box to subscribe to emails when we update).
Facebook: ATULocal583
Twitter: @ATULocal583
Telegram: Text Harry Lew to be added. Include your full name and cell phone number. 403-404-4564
Call the Office or an Officer: Contacts

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