ATU Local 583 Members – Your Vote Matters!

2021 City Council and Mayoral Elections

It’s down to the wire and these races are tight! Your Vote is IMPERATIVE and if you can help out on a campaign, your time is priceless.

Do you live in one of these wards? Your vote can help clinch the election for a transit friendly candidate! Even better, if you have an hour or two to help in a campaign, just click the attached links.

Ward 2 – Jennifer Wyness – if you can volunteer please email
Ward 7 – Erin Waite – if you can volunteer please email
Ward 8 – Courtney Walcott – if you can volunteer please email
Ward 11 – Kourtney Branagan – if you can volunteer please email
Mayor – Jyoti Gondek – Link

If you live in one of the above wards and you haven’t voted yet, we kindly suggest taking a look at our endorsed candidates for City Council. These candidates have been vetted and we are confident they are ready to work with us to best serve this City.


Each seat on Council is one voice. When those voices care about our representation and our jobs it only seeks to benefit us and the hard work we do. Throughout our Are You In? campaign we have aimed to educate our members on City Council and how those positions effect our jobs. The result of which is our members being more informed when they head to the polls. Now is the time. Not everyone has the opportunity to positively impact their work place. We do. So, no matter how you vote, please go out there and vote

To find your voting location please visit

To learn more about endorsed candidates please visit

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