Q&A with Mike Mahar

Q: Why is Edmonton recalling their laid off Members and Calgary is not?

A: Edmonton has treated the entire Covid 19 pandemic quite differently than the City of Calgary. They actually laid off very few employees and unlike Calgary they moved some to cleaning positions and various other positions within transit. They also kept many of the employees on payroll at a level just low enough so that they qualified for CERB. These are all things that we asked of the City of Calgary and were refused outright. They also have a very different political environment which I believe is the biggest factor. They have not gone to the extent of trying to contract out and eliminate transit employees like Calgary has. With respect to the recent posting from Edmonton Transit for operators that posting is for the entirety of 2020 and 2021. They may or may not fill all those positions but it prevents them from having to repost for applicants should they hire over the next two years. One other interesting note – they were actually short of Operators just prior to the pandemic.

Q: Can we have a list of schools with positive Covid tests?

A: according to Global News the five schools in the separate system are: St. Angela Elementary, Divine Mercy Elementary, Notre Dame HS, St. Wilfred Elementary and St. Francis. The 4 CBE schools are: Canyon Meadows School, Bowness High, Lester B Pearson and Bridlewood School. That is as of today, September 9, 2020.

Q: Are we supposed to report overloads? What happens when that is reported?

A: You should be reporting ALL overloads to Control and if possible copy the Local at vicepresident@atu583.com – we are following up on this today as we think it is one of the biggest risks to our safety and to the riding public. We want to advocate for more Operators if they don’t have the current complement to provide fill buses for these overloads.

Q: if a Member’s child tests positive and family has to quarantine, how does the Member get paid during that time off?

A: You would follow Alberta health services recommendations with respect to quarantine or isolation and apply for benefits through the regular MEBAC processes.

Q: when will the update from the regular meeting occur?

A: Tuesday September 15th

A reminder to Members that you can be added to our Telegram group for access to asking the Officers questions directly. Please text Harry Lew at 403-404-4564 with your full name and cell phone number to be added.

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  • I have called in my over loads and my response has been. Yeah we’re working on it carry on. Feels like I’m getting a brush off. Also, around three when the schools are out, the buses at Northpoint have standing loads; all the way up to the front dashboard, 1/2 the kids are not wearing masks, and all the buses are running at least 10 minutes late; this makes it hard to use the washroom, eat something, or refresh yourself with water; you can’t even get out of your seat for a stretch.

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