ATU 583 Banquet Guests (April 23, 2022)

Hello fellow banquet guests of ATU Local 583,

We want to advise you that we received a call today from one of our Members informing us that he and his partner were at the banquet on Saturday and she has since tested positive for Covid 19. Of course there is no way of knowing when his guest became infected but he did want ATU 583 to let the people at his table know. We have done that with those we could confirm shared a table.

The purpose of this note is just too remind everyone that if you do experience any symptoms of Covid 19 please follow the advice of 811 or your doctor. If you think you may have been contagious at the banquet and want us to try and reach out to anyone at your table please let us know who you were sitting with and we will do our best to do that.

If you attended and would like to share this information with those you know attended, that would be much appreciated.

We thank this Member for taking the time to inform us and wish you all good health during this ongoing pandemic.

COPE 397 /jw

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