Remembrance Day 2020 – We Remember


ATU Local 583 Remembers our fallen heroes today at a time when the entire world is reminded of what these brave women and men have sacrificed. Through their sacrifice, they gave us the precious gift of Freedom; the right to speak freely and the right to associate without fear of prosecution. Their courage is unimaginable to most of us born into freedom and security.

The history of our Local is full of these heroes. They served in the First World War, the Second World War and each war subsequent to that. Still today, we have members that have paid this ultimate sacrifice through the service of their loved ones.

It is a debt we can not repay and we must never forget.


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  • Why is it taking so long to get our safety doors installed in big busses? I have not seen any buses out of Stoney with a safety door….. actually haven’t seen any big bus with a safety door, anywhere!!!

    • Hi Dawn,

      We have posted several shield updates on our Telegram group. Bill has posted that 8011 and 7911 are in service with shields. We have also had a timeline of starting to mass install late November this year, finishing in December this year for quite awhile. So we are still on track for those projected timelines. Hope that helps answer your query. Take care.

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