Monthly Recap

During our 2023-2025 term the Officers of ATU Local 583 would like to continue to build on the mandate of last term to expand on communications between the Local and the Membership. We intend to do so by hosting monthly “recap” video sessions with the Officers of the Local.

We did this during the height of the pandemic when we were unable to meet in person and posted the videos to our website and Facebook page for Members to view at their leisure. This is the same style and format we will be using this term.

After the Regular Membership Meeting takes place (second Tuesday of each month unless otherwise specified) the Officers will choose a date to “go live” and update Members on the current happenings at Local 583. These videos will be viewable on our website and Facebook indefinitely much like our newsletters are. Members will be able to send in questions as well for a Q&A segment.

As we iron out the details we will post more information.


February 2023’s Monthly Recap will be held on February 21, 2023 at 11 AM.

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