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Lost property is something our Operators are well versed in dealing with. Items are left behind on pretty much every type of transit vehicle each and every day.

What is unusual is for the item that is lost to be a wallet full of money. But this is exactly what happened during the shift of Operator Pritpal Dhillon. Another passenger noticed the lost wallet and handed it over to Operator Dhillon who then kept the wallet safe for the remainder of his shift. He handed the wallet off to the next Operator – Franco Portincasa. Operator Portincasa kept the wallet safe as well, eventually handing it off to Operator Jeremy Harper. Operator Harper was the one driving when the bus finally made it back to the garage. As this was now the end of his shift, Operator Harper checked the wallet so that he could note all the items inside for posterity. This is an important step in the lost and found process. Operator Harper noticed a multitude of large denomination bills in the wallet and went ahead noting each one.

This diligent work meant that Calgary Transit customer Jerry was able to be reunited with his wallet and all contents therein. He was of course very grateful to the Operators who saw to it that his property was returned to him.

Like so many of our members – going above and beyond for our customers is just par for the course. Something we do without having to think about it, because it is what’s right. However, it is still very nice to be recognized in the public for the positive impact you have on the City of Calgary.

We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Operators Dhillon, Portincasa and Harper on a job well done and look forward to celebrating what is inevitably the next good news story!


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