Employer Scheduled Call Ins – Do I Need a Rep and How to Obtain One

ATU Local 583 advises all Members speaking to Management to take in a rep. The process to have a representative attend a call in with you is very easy. Simply call the office at 403-258-1258 Ext 0 and speak to an admin or leave a voicemail with the following information: Your full name, badge if applicable, the time, date and location of your call in as well as the reason you are being called in.

Alternatively, you can use booking@atu583.com and send the same information as above. If you are able, we would appreciate a photo of the call-in slip so we can be sure the information we have for your call in is accurate.

Representatives are there to assist by asking questions, to be sure only appropriate questions are being asked by management and to take vital notes. Regardless of what the person calling you in says, we believe you need to take a rep with you and we will provide you with one.

If you have any questions about the process feel free to call us at the number above.

In Solidarity
Mike Mahar
President/Business Agent
ATU Local 583

COPE 397 MM/jw

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