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    • Hi Subhash,

      This information is absolutely imperative for our Members and any visiting public to have. As you can see this is information regarding calling Councillors which Members and any interested family, friends, neighbors etc are being asked to do in order to help save our Service Lane from being Contracted Out.

      Additionally, media requests are being fulfilled. As recently as yesterday Mike spoke with media.

      We thank you for your concern and ask that you please call your Councillor.

  • By undertrained I think what you are actually saying is that the city hired non-union employees, thus is saving the TAX payers money, which is what the city should be doing. Cleaning isn’t a specialty that only transit employees (ie transit union employees) can do. Stop trying to fear people to push the unions agenda, again, cleaning transit isn’t a specialized skill that only transit employees can safely and properly do.

    • Actually, to understand the job fully you would quickly realize that it is a much higher skill set than simply detailing a vehicle.

      These employees are operating half a million to nine million dollars worth of equipment, it must be fueled and maintained daily or this equipment will fail. This obviously presents a high risk to the City’s assets as well we already have a proven history of this company failing to do the work it is contracted to do with ruthless employment practices.

      There is a legitimate fear that they will not be able to sustain a level of staffing that will keep either the public or the City of Calgary employees safe. And that is why we are obligated to express these concerns.

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