Call to Action on “Are You In?”

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

One of the most important things we are doing during this term is a grassroots campaign intended to elect bosses that support public transit.
A huge part of this is our “Are You In?” campaign.

Over 900 Members have already said, “Yes”!

So, check out the attached video and at the end, please sign the electronic pledge. If you are in keep an eye out for the email we will be sending out, with further information on how you can help elect a City Council that values City services and assists us in negotiating a Collective Agreement that will protect our jobs from further contracting out.

In Solidarity

The Officers and Executive of ATU 583

One Response

  • Thanks for the “Are you in? campaign”. With Mayor Nenshi soon leaving us we are going to have to put our solidarity caps on as the up coming election may make us or break us. I am very very worried about privatisation. It may be a tool of the devil if we elect the wrong council. Can you perhaps hand out “ARE YOU IN?” STICKERS for all card carrying members to “relay” to others the importance of this up coming election and create solidarity we lack. Arend Gregor Badge 152

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