ATU Local 583 Scholarship 2022

Amalgamated Transit Union Local 583 Scholarship 2022

ATU Local 583 is dedicated to furthering the goals and opportunities of our member's dependants. With this scholarship program we aim to assist those member's dependants in their pursuit of a post-secondary education.

This $10,000 fund will be awarded to and split among eligible applicants.
These scholarships will recognize students in their second year and above at an Albertan post-secondary school or accredited vocational institution. Only legal dependants of ATU 583 Members in good standing are eligible to apply.

Further eligibility criteria are as follows:

1. The recipient must be in good academic standing

2. The recipient must provide proof they are enrolled for the 2022 school year

3. All applicants are responsible for the proper submission, completion and accuracy of their applications.

An essay or video response will be required along with each fully completed application.

The criteria for which are:

1. Essays must not exceed 1200 words total

2. Video submissions must not exceed 5 minutes total

The essay or video contents can answer ONE (1) of the following questions:

1. What this scholarship means to you

2. What does the Union movement in Canada mean to you?

Submissions must be received by Midnight MST August 31, 2022

The scholarship(s) will be awarded September 2022.

If you are experiencing any issues with submitting this form please call 403-258-1258 Ext 6 or email

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