ATU Local 583 Support Group Christmas Hampers For Members In Need

If you or a Member of Local 583 that you know of are in need of a Christmas Hamper this year, please reach out to the ATU Local 583 Support Group for assistance.
Please email the following information to the Support Group directly at

1. Name of person receiving the hamper
2. Phone Number
3. Home Address
4. Reason for needing assistance
5. Names and ages of any Children
6. Spouses Name if applicable
7. What area you work in

Please note this is for ATU Local 583 Members Only

Alternatively, Colleen from the Support Group can be reached at 403-948-8758.

A limited number of hampers is available each year and need is assessed according to where they are needed most.

All information given to the ATU Local 583 Support Group is confidential.


Posted by:
Mike Mahar
President/Business Agent
ATU Local 583

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