During the Covid-19 Pandemic we have had many questions from Members. Below are the most frequently asked questions and their answers. If you need to call the office our numbers can be found here: CLICK HERE

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I have not yet received my sanitizer kit from the Union, how can I obtain one?
A: Please email and give your name, employee number, badge number, phone number, garage and or work location and run information. Bill will coordinate.

Q: My bus/train/etc does not have sanitizer currently, can I refuse a bus or get a change off if this is the case?
A: As of the time of posting this, CT does not have refills for the dispensers and is unable to obtain them in this current climate. Members are advised to use their sanitization kit with the refillable blue bottle to sanitize their station/hands. Bottle refill information is in the kit itself.

Q: Is CT going to distribute face masks?
A: CT has acquired reusable masks and are in the process of figuring out how to manage making them available. ATU 583 will continue to push for distribution of disposable masks as a priority.

Q: When will shields be added to buses?
A: They have a prototype for Community Shuttle buses. The installation should be complete either April 14th or 15th. The time it has taken to complete the prototype is frustrating for us to say the least. For every frontline Operator every day seems like an eternity. CT has committed to moving on this as soon as possible but for legal reasons, have to make sure that it’s functioning properly without danger or adverse effects to Operators.

Q: Can CT relax the 30 trades rules during the Covid-19 Pandemic?
A: We do not currently have an update on this query. However, the Lead Dispatcher can authorize extensions interim.

Q: Can I take a Leave of Absence during the Pandemic?
A: Yes. If you require a LOA please call your Supervisor. If your leave falls under one of the qualifying reasons under the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit, you may wish to apply through Revenue Canada or Employment Insurance. To obtain a ROE to apply for CERB benefits please call 403-268-5800.

Q: What is being done for Social Distancing for Operators on Stand By
A: Dispatch is setting up buses at each of the garages for Operators to use while on Stand By.

Q: Are passengers required to wear masks while riding CT?
A: They are not required to do so and will not be unless mandated by the Government.

Q: Can we open the hatch for air circulation while driving?
A: CT has not relaxed their policy on not opening the hatch for safety reasons.

Q: Has anyone tested positive for Covid-19 at CT?
A: As of this date there are 3 known cases. 2 Training Officers who were in quarantine and have since recovered and 1 Transit Operator who remains at home under quarantine.

Q: With business closures where do Operators stop for the washroom if not near a train station?
A: Contact Control and if they can’t provide you with a reasonable location, they will authorize a detour off route. If you experience issues please let ATU 583 know.

Q: What can I do if I take over a dirty bus?
A: Contact Control and request the bus be serviced. Send ATU 583 the information ( including your Route and Key.

Q: What is the protocol for having garbage bags on buses?
A: Garbage bags should be on your bus but you can also acquire them from Dispatch before your shift starts. It would be prudent to take an extra for the person who relieves you if possible.

Q: Are there going to be layoffs?
A: Information as of this date (which is subject to change) is that we do not have any layoff notices. We are monitoring the situation. CT has had between 70% and 90% reduction in ridership as well as revenue. They have adjusted service to try and capture this and we don’t know how stable that is.

If we get to a place where there are forced layoffs, normal layoff and recall will be done in seniority. We will ask that any non-established employees maintain full recall rights.

Q: Can we get a place to wait in the Core when relieving Operators downtown? The Operator’s Lounge is not big enough to Social Distance.
A: CT has placed a bus downtown and is looking for a permanent structure with washrooms for a long term solution.

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