ATU Local 583 Bike Draw Winners – including draw video!

ATU Local 583 – 2021 Bike Draw

We had over 200 entries for our first ever virtual bike draw! We are pleased to report that the whole process was smooth sailing and all winners have picked up their prizes! Scroll to the end for our draw video with Harry Lew

The winner’s list is as follows:

Infant Wagon: won by Shafin Kassam
Boys 1-3 Bicycle: won by Vikas Rupal
Girls 1-3 Bicycle: won by Muhammad Ahmed
Boys 4-7 Bicycle: won by Gurpreet Bajwa
Girls 4-7 Bicycle: won by Christopher Dorsey
Boys 8-10 Bicycle: won by Evrol Griffiths
Girls 8-10 Bicycle: won by Muhammad Rafique
Boys 11-14 Bicycle: won by Debbie Keeler
Girls 11-14 Bicycle: won by Theo Szydlowski (we have apologized to Theo for mispronouncing his surname in our draw video – sorry about that once again Theo!)
All of our winners were gracious enough to allow us to photograph them with their winning draw slip and their prize(s).

Shafin Kassam
Shafin Kassam

Vikas Rupal
Vikas Rupal

Muhammad Ahmed
Muhammad Ahmed

Gurpreet Bajwa

Odessa Dorsey (Christopher’s daughter)
Odessa Dorsey

Evrol Griffiths

Muhammad Rafique
Muhammad Rafique

Adam Keeler (Debbie’s son)
Adam Keeler

Theo Szydlowski and Maria (his daughter)
Theo and Maria Szydlowski

Watch our draw video with Harry Lew – Financial Secretary Treasurer of Local 583!

COPE 397 /jw

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