Bylaw Change Proposals

Click here to see the Bylaw Change Proposal Bulletin and Attachments The Regular Union Meeting on September 10, 2019 will be the first reading of these proposals – no discussion will be entertained.

Negotiating Committee Letter

Dear Sisters/Brothers, Due to many inaccurate comments circulating on Social Media your Negotiating Committee feels compelled to comment because we cannot control what is said in that forum. It seems every round of negotiations there is a concerted effort from … Read More

Memorandum of Settlement

Memorandum of Settlement The above link will take you to a PDF of the Memorandum between the City of Calgary and ATU Local 583. The Negotiating Committee is recommending acceptance of the Memorandum of Agreement reached with the City of … Read More

Update on Budget Cuts

We, the Full Time Officers, want to give everyone an update on a couple issues. As you may know, City Council has approved cuts totaling $60,000,000 in this year’s budget, of which Transit has taken a hit of about $9,000,000. … Read More

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