Thank Your Transit Worker Day – Contest Winners

Here are the winners for our Thank Your Transit Worker Day contest:

$100.00 gift cards for Boston Pizza were won by:

Entry 3099 – Kyle Davison

Entry 3239 Ravinder Khatri

Entry 2367 Jerri Nizalik

Entry 2787 Adam Senopati

Entry 2401 Neel Shingadia

The $200.00 gift cards for the Keg Steakhouse were won by:

Entry 3850 Nigel Greentree

Entry 3054 Irshad Jigar

Entry 3837 Richard Johnson

Entry 2516 Dharminder Toor

Entry 3729 Thilina Wijewardane

The paid 1 day book offs were won by:

Entry 3376 Manmohan Gill

Entry 3442 Ron Hall

Entry 2207 Rhonda Kasper

Entry 2080 Altaf Shariff

Entry 3292 Phil Yee

The $10 Tim Horton’s Gift Cards for each entrant will be delivered by email in approximately 1 week from today (March 18th). Please keep an eye on your email!

Congratulations to all of our winners and a huge thank you once again to all of our Members – you are amazing!

COPE 397 /jw

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