Short Q&A with Mike Mahar – August 7, 2020

Q: With 11 Operators moving from CS back to Conventional due to recall, should CT now be recalling CS to fill the vacant spots?
A: Unfortunately, not. What they are doing is spreading the additional hours out between the current level of Operators. This is intended to provide them with enough hours to maintain their full-time status and/or benefits. Hopefully they’ll be adding hours this fall that will require recalls for CS Operators as well.

Q: Will recall rights be extended?
A: Hopefully everyone will be recalled prior to the end of the 12-month recall period. However, we will be introducing language in the Collective Agreement to try and extend it if needed.

Q: Will the City be giving masks to Operators soon?
A: We’ve been assured that they have been available effective August 3rd at Dispatch upon request and if need be, Operators can request them while in service from a Road Supervisor. Please note this is in reference to the disposable surgical masks.

Q: What is being done about safety (re: homeless gathering and drug use on/near bus stops, LRT stations, etc.) This seems to impact the public feeling safe or using CT again.
A: CT does recognize this has a negative impact on some people’s perception and willingness to use the system right now. They have been addressing it through several different initiatives. To aid that, we want all of our Members to continue reporting any inappropriate activities at stations or on buses and request immediate assistance when needed.

Q: In regards to Service Lane, since the eligibility for recall is 12 months what happens in regards to those who were SL and selected to work on Shuttle but due to Covid19 they did didn’t start training?
A: If the CS recall goes down to the seniority where the Servicelane people would be, they will be brought into training prior to Operators that would be junior to them.

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