Recent Thank You Cards

We’d like to take this opportunity to share some thank you cards we’ve received in recent months from the Membership.

Bernie & Heather Eakett – For their retirement plaques and flowers as well as support from the union. The card they sent was absolutely beautiful.

Dan Geddes – For a fruit basket we sent in honor of his retirement.

The Family of Carl Morela – Their thanks for ATU 583’s support upon Carl’s passing. They also sent a second card with a very lovely message after we presented the inscribed bible in Carl’s memory.

Colleen Holden & the ATU 583 Support Group – For a holiday donation to the Support Group.

Larry Johnson – For a fruit basket we sent after his hospital stay (glad to report he has been feeling better in recent weeks). We also spoke to Larry on the phone after we sent a belt buckle, he had missed out on for his retirement. He was extremely gracious and happily it arrived on his birthday!

Jacinda (Office Staff) – For the Christmas bonus. Jacinda wrote the Executive Board a very heartfelt thank you on behalf of herself and her new husband.

Gene and Deb (Only Choice Janitorial) – For the Christmas bonus. Gene has been with us as our cleaner for a very long time and he and his wife expressed hearty gratitude for the bonus.

Carol Svrcek – For her retirement plaque and fruit basket. Her card included a sweet message of thanks for ATU 583’s unwavering support to making CT a better place to have a career with.

Ed Trembley – For his 50-year Member plaque, hat and pin. Ed was also extremely grateful that his package could be delivered to his home.

Dave Ward – For the flowers we sent after his recent hospital stay. We hope Dave is feeling much better.

We do also receive a number of thank you phone calls that we pass on to the Officers. If we have missed noting your thank you, please accept our apologies as it was not intentional. We are always so grateful for the cards our Members send and the time they take to give us a phone call when they are happy with something we’ve done for them. Whether it’s for a fruit basket, a home delivery of some kind or just some help with a workplace issue.

We will continue to compile and share the thank yous received. See you in the next round!


(Photo description: Several of the thank you cards we have received recently)

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