Q&A with Mike Mahar – Fares and Twitter

Q: Do Customers have to pay fares right now?
A: There is a requirement to pay a fare, however Operators are not under obligation or recommendation to monitor this.

Q: What should an Operator do when someone does not present a fare?
A: The employer does not require us to monitor fares at this time because there is no safe way and no effective way for us to do that while ensuring any action you take will result in a fare collection. The City of Calgary is relying on customers’ integrity until such time as there is active fare monitoring through front door loading.

Q: Fare collecting on a Shuttle vs Conventional bus, because Shuttle has only front door loading should we be collecting fares right now?
A: Until ALL buses have biohazard protection in the Operator’s area, we do not want any Operators to put themselves at risk through fare collection. We do not want the public to stop at the fare box. We do not want them to touch the farebox. We do not want them to access the fare box in any way.

Q: Question regarding secondary education passes and what is valid
A: All secondary education programs that provide a Calgary Transit pass will have been completed by now. Any that have expired are not a valid fare. However, at this point we need to accept payments on an honour system until the employer takes a different position.

Q: How will we let the public know when fares are being collected/are mandatory again?
A: As the City moves towards regular fare collection, they will be doing an awareness campaign for the public. The target date for that is currently July 1, 2020.

Q: Can PS Officers ride routes in order to let Customers know once fare collection resumes?
A: As above, there will be a public awareness campaign. There are not enough PS Officers to ride the buses for that purpose although there will likely be a blitz at the train stations.

Q: Question regarding Twitter complaints that are not always accurate
A: Unless something on Twitter is a major event, the employer will not have the time to or resources to investigate an incident and approach an Operator. Any legitimate CSR would still have to come through a CSR form either on the CT website or via 262-1000. Please be sure to contact the Union office if you are being called in for a CSR. Our number is 403-258-1258.

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