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Masks FAQ

Q: Do I have to wear a face mask when I am driving for Calgary Transit?
A: The employer has put out a statement that you need to wear a mask. We requested a formal policy which they have drafted and we are in the middle of reviewing it right now. The bylaw goes into effect on August 1, 2020 and we hope to have all the details ironed out by then. Until then we don’t anticipate anybody being disciplined or warned for not wearing one.

Q: Are LRT Operators exempt from having to wear a mask as they are in a separate cab?
A: We are looking at that issue in the draft policy.

Q: Are the plastic curtains a barrier as mentioned in the bylaw? Meaning we would not have to wear masks in a CT vehicle with a curtain?

A: We are seeking clarification on that today (July 29) and will post an update when known.

Q: Can I wear a face shield instead of a mask?
A: Yes, as long as it does not impede your driving.

Q: If I cannot wear a mask for medical reasons do I have to supply medical documentation to the employer regarding this?
A: Yes, that will be required.

Q: What, if any, discipline will be levied for those who are not wearing masks?
A: We don’t anticipate any discipline at this point. However, if you receive a direct order to wear one, unless you cannot wear it for safety reasons, then we would advise you to follow the employer’s instructions and contact us at your earliest convenience where we may file a grievance on your behalf.

Q: Will Operators be responsible for enforcing the mask bylaw?
A: Absolutely not, under any circumstances. We do not even want operators engaging with customers regarding masks for any purpose.

Q: If a customer refuses to/is not wearing a mask after August 1 what am I meant to do about this? Do I call Control?

A: Not at this time. If the protocol changes after August 1 then we may treat it different but again we can’t emphasize enough that we don’t want our members to engage with the public regarding masks in any way shape or form.

Q: How will it work for Operator eating/drinking when the mask bylaw goes into effect?
A: You’ll have to find an appropriate time to re-hydrate and refueling. If you are in your work station be sure to pull the current style shield forward or if it is plexiglass make sure it is closed.

Q: Can I supply my own mask if I do not want to use the ones given out by the Union/etc.?
A: Yes, you can. Additionally, the employer is going to make the single use disposable ones available on a daily basis if you prefer that style.

Q: Will Operators be responsible for handing out masks to the public?
A: No. There hasn’t been any suggestion of that but the Union would be opposed to Operators having to do that while also operating the bus/shuttle/train.

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