Overcrowding Puts Transit Riders & Transit Workers at Risk

There’s no getting around it. Right now, transit in Calgary isn’t safe.

The pandemic isn’t over. COVID cases are rising but bus frequency isn’t. On top of that, social distancing requirements set up at the start of the pandemic have been removed – why?

The overcrowding we’re seeing thanks to these decisions is putting everyone who uses Calgary’s public transit system in danger. Calgarians shouldn’t have to risk getting exposed to COVID just so we can get to work or school.

We can fix this. Email Calgary Transit and City Council demanding they restore transit frequency and social distancing requirements. It only takes a few clicks.

We’re expected to follow social distancing rules everywhere else in the city, but when it comes to public transit, that goes out the window? We know Calgary Transit has had reduced revenue but the City has the funds to keep its riders and drivers safe. The money is there, it’s just not being used.

There’s no amount of money to be saved that would make risking the health of Calgarians worth it. We deserve better than this, but if we want it, we have to demand it.

Help us make Calgary Transit safer for everyone. Send this email and tell them to fix overcrowding now.


Thanks for your help with this,


Mike Mahar
President/Business Agent
ATU 583

COPE 397 MM/jr

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