Important Information for ATU 583 Members on Lay Off – Benefits

The following is a letter we sent out to all laid off ATU 583 Members, please be sure to read:

Dear Sister or Brother,

I want to apologize for having to provide this information in a form letter, however in the interest of delivering time sensitive information we wanted to communicate with you as quickly as possible.

We know this is a very difficult time for those Members that have been laid off and although there is no way we can eliminate those concerns; we want to assure you we will continue to represent your interests in the work place and are available to answer any questions you have going forward.

In point form we want to inform you that;

• Although your Record of Employment states “Not returning”, under Article 112 of our Collective Agreement, all permanent and probationary employees have recall rights for 12 months.
• Laid off Members will have their dues waved for up to 12 months while on lay off.
• If you carry Life Insurance with the Union it will show under After-Tax Deductions on your pay advice. This premium will continue to be owed if you wish to maintain the insurance. We can recover this by payroll deduction over several pay periods upon your return to work if you wish or you may pay this directly to the Local. Please e-mail with any concerns or for additional information. Your coverage will not be cancelled while on lay off.
• We have enclosed benefits information for our ATU administered plan as well as Blue Cross and Greenshield contact information for optional plans. Please review these documents and make your choice accordingly.
• For those that wish to take out a Benefits Plan with Blue Cross, if you apply by June 30th, they can backdate the plan to June 1st and waive the waiting periods. Please contact them directly for additional information. If you’ve taken coverage for June 1, those premiums will qualify for the $50.00 subsidy through ATU Local 583.

• If you prefer Greenshield and apply for a plan by June 30th, they will begin coverage July 1. Please contact them directly for additional information. If you’ve already taken
coverage for June 1, your June premiums will qualify for the $50.00 subsidy through ATU Local 583.
• We will continue to monitor the rehire process and work with the employer to begin fare collection and encourage ridership at every reasonable opportunity.
• Please be sure to register for our e-mail and web page access if you have not already done so. Our web page, Facebook and Telegram group will be our main sources of communication when not contacting you directly through Canada Post. The information for these groups are, and our Telegram is OFFICIAL ATU 583 GROUP . Please e-mail Harry Lew at if you are having trouble accessing these media.

On behalf of the Officers and Executive Board of ATU Local 583, we want to wish you the very best during these difficult times and look forward to working with you again in the near future.

In Solidarity

Mike Mahar
President Business Agent
ATU Local 583

COPE 397

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