Campaign Protocols – ATU 583 Election 2022

Dear Members of Local 583:

As in past election years, Management has asked that all Candidates be mindful of the environment they are campaigning in to insure as little disruption in the workplace as possible.

If you are going into the shop or office areas, please consult with the area Supervisor upon arrival. If you are in the canteen areas, please keep an appropriate distance from the dispatch windows so as not to interfere with the assignment of work or buses. If in the Shop areas please respect the safe areas and if not in the cross hatched area have the proper PPE on.

Campaign posters and literature must be kept to a location adjacent to the ATU LOCAL 583 Bulletin Boards.

**Please note the Bulletin Boards must be free from Campaign material so Official ATU LOCAL 583 bulletins can be clearly seen and not obstructed in any way. **

Your assistance in this matter is appreciated.

Posted by
Harry Lew
Chief Returning Officer
ATU Local 583

COPE 397 HL/jw

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