ATU 583 – Servicelane – Blog

As many of you will know, the City of Calgary has decided to contract out the Servicelane positions. We are profoundly against this outcome and working against an uncooperative and apathetic City Council to have this decision removed and keep … Read More

Bill 32 – Blog

Something a little different for today’s blog. We are linking/reposting a very informative post on Bill 32 and why it is damaging to labour, unions and workers. Written by Professor Jason Foster, Athabasca University – July 10, 2020 Link to … Read More

ATU Local 583 – Communication – Blog

Communication During the last election (late 2019) we received a mandate from the membership to focus on reaching out to the Members through multiple electronic media. The intent being to build better relationships through communication. However, that is not the … Read More

ATU Local 583 Spotlight – Harry Lew – Blog

Our Spotlight blog for this month will feature Harry Lew. Harry is a 16-year ATU Local 583 Member and the current Financial Secretary Treasurer of the Local. Harry has also previously been Chair of Sign Up as well as an … Read More

ATU Local 583 – Fraternity and Unionism – Blog

Fraternity is defined as a ‘group of people sharing a common profession or interest’. Many of you are likely already aware that trade unions in fact grew from actual fraternities, more notably, the Knights of Labour. *The Knights of Labor … Read More

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