Holiday/Christmas Greetings

On Tuesday December 24th, 2019 the Officers of ATU Local 583 and Calgary Transit Management will be co-hosting a Christmas Greeting at each Transit facility, starting as early as 0400 at some locations. There will be coffee and treats provided, … Read More

Election Results – Term of 2020-2023

Elected Representatives 2020-2023 Page 1 Elected Representatives 2020-2023 Page 2 Elected Representatives 2020-2023 Page 3 Vote Tally for President, Executive Vice President, Finacial Secretary Treasurer and Recording Secretary Maintenance Office Vote Tally for Chief Steward Operations, Executive Board Operations 2, … Read More

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Calgary Municipal Elections – Monday, October 18, 2021

Your ATU 583 Political Action Committee, in conjunction with your Executive Board, have spent over eighteen months reaching out to the Membership with a steady focus on being able to offer our membership a list of candidates that share a vision of what Calgary should look like and recognize the value we add in providing that service.


With that in mind, we are providing you with a complete list of candidates for Wards 1 through Wards 13. We know it is a personal choice as to who you vote for but we also believe it is important to provide you with a list of closely vetted candidates that we feel will best serve the City of Calgary and the 14,000 employees that serve it.


We believe the following endorsed candidates are the best hope for Calgary’s Future.

Have you decided on your candidates for this year’s municipal elections?


Find your ATU 583 Endorsed Candidate

Meet Our Pro-Transit Councillor Candidates