ATU 583 Monthly Insights – May 2022 – Issue #15

May is Asian Heritage Month

Asian Heritage Month is an opportunity for us to learn more about the numerous achievements and accomplishments of Canadians of Asian heritage. Throughout our history, they have done so much to help shape Canada into the country we know and love.

Our blog post this month will focus on Canadians of Asian heritage who have contributed in many different ways to the country we all call home, so please watch for that in the coming days.

The theme for Asian Heritage Month 2022 is, “Continuing a Legacy of Greatness”. This month is a reminder for all Canadians to come together to combat anti-Asian racism and discrimination in all its forms.

Eid ul Fitr

May 2, 2022 marked Eid ul Fitr, the end of the Holy month of Ramadan.

We know this is a special celebration for many of our Members and we want to reiterate that we hope you had a wonderful end to your month-long fasting.

Statutory Holidays and Pay

We get many questions both on our Telegram group and via calls to the office surrounding stat pay. Below we have compiled some of the most common questions and their answers:

Q: If I am on S&A or LTD do I still get paid for the stat (in this instance “the” encompasses all statutory holidays)?
A: You get paid for the stat as a regular day but you do not get a premium if you do not work the stat.

Q: If I am on vacation and the stat falls during my time off, do I get paid for the stat?
A: Yes. For instance, if you have 5 vacation days you would be paid for 5 + the stat or you may request an additional day off.

Q: Can I bank a stat if it falls during my vacation time?
A: Yes. There are forms to fill out with Dispatch. You will need to give them 2 pay periods notice that you wish to do this. Community Shuttle Operators do not currently have this ability to bank it. They would be paid the stat.

Family Picnic 2022 – Heritage Park

We have been keeping you updated on the Family Picnic and we are pleased to let you know our mostly-finalized plans for this year will be released shortly.

The picnic will take place at Heritage Park on July 24, 2022 beginning at 10:00 AM Entrance to the park and lunch for Members and their immediate family will be free but you must pre register to attend. If you have any questions pertaining to who you are able to bring, please give us a call at 403-258-1258 Ext 0. More information on registering will be available soon.

Our usual picnic festivities will go ahead as well! This means lunch, the bike draw for Member’s registered children (14 and under) and face painting. Lunch will take place at approximately 12:00 PM and will include vegetarian and gluten free options.

Missing out on our picnics these last two years has been something we didn’t relish. Lettuce tell you it has left us in a pickle which we have mustard the energy to ketchup on! Of course, Member safety remains at the forefront and if we need to cancel for any reason we will try and give as much notice as we can.

All Members in good standing, including retirees are welcome at this event! When you call to register, we will ask for your children’s information for the bike draws. These are for Member’s dependant children aged 14 and under.

We are truly looking forward to spending the day together and enjoying a wonderful picnic! Please watch for additional details here and on the workplace posters which will go up soon.

Open Window Enrolment for Life Insurance – Reminder

A kind reminder that the open window for enrolment in our ATU 583 life insurance plan will close on June 1, 2022.

This is an opportunity for Members who missed the chance to sign up for life insurance upon their initiation into ATU 583.

No medical evidence will be needed. This is the first open window we have had in many years so if you are wanting coverage, please call our agent, Prizm Financial to get started.

Another reminder as well, that this is Union administered life insurance and nobody will contact you or your family for the purpose of upselling other types of insurance.

To apply for this coverage through ATU Local 583, please contact Prizm Financial at 403-244-7800 or email them at

Retiree and Long-Term Disability/Leave of Absence Dues Payments

ATU Local 583 is bound by the Constitution and General Laws of the Amalgamated Transit Union. What this means in terms of dues payments is that we are currently unable to accept electronic payments. We can take cash or cheque and in the case of LOA/LTD we can do payroll deductions when it is feasible.

We hear often how much more convenient it would be for us to receive these payments electronically, that is to say, with a debit or credit card or even e-transfer. We have heard this desire and we are working with the ATU International to try to get authorization to make this happen

We will always do everything we can to make things easier for our Members. Please stay tuned for how this endeavour pans out.

Members and Hospital Stays

If you have an overnight (or longer) stay in the hospital and someone alerts us, we will send flowers or a basket with treats. Helpful information for us to do this includes: Member name, which hospital they are in (room and ward will also help) and any contact info you may have.

This benefit is for all Members in good standing with ATU 583, which includes our retirees.

S&A Benefits

We would like Members to be aware of the S&A process and how important it is to get the needed paperwork filed. We understand that while you are unwell having to fill out paperwork can be the last thing you want to focus on, but it is deeply important to you continuing to be paid on time and in full.

If you are off for more than 5 days you will need to have an Attending Physician’s Statement filled out by your family doctor. This is not the same as a doctor’s note. The form can be acquired through Dispatch.

If you are going to be on Long Term Disability, you will need paperwork on Return to Work. It is important that your doctor be as thorough and detailed as possible. Including a date which they expect you may be able to return (if such a thing is known). Be sure to convey how you are feeling, in detail to your doctor, so they can fill the form(s) out accurately.

Submission timelines are also of a great deal of importance. Any delays in submissions may (and likely will) lead to a delay in your claim being adjudicated. This can lead to a delay in you receiving payment while on benefits. We would like to avoid this scenario if possible. We know everyone has bills to pay and family to support so please do your best to get the forms submitted on time.

Our aim is to ensure you are at home and recovering and not having to worry about whether or not you will get paid on time.

If you experience any issues related to S&A or have any questions on the process, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at the office.

COPE 397 /jw

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