Member Passing – Alain Lefebvre

We regret to inform the Membership that Alain Lefebvre has passed away. Alain was a 41 year ATU Local 583 Member and a Transit Operator. We want to extend our most sincere condolences to his family and friends on his … Read More

Q&A with Mike Mahar

Q: General queries on the Union not seeming to do enough for Community Shuttle. A: We are representing every Member as best we can within the confines of Collective Bargaining Agreement. This includes Community Shuttle as well as Maintenance and … Read More

Q&A with President Mahar

Part 1 – Questions and Answers from President Mahar Q: Do you know how many will be laid off and what date we will find out? A: As of today, we don’t know what the planned layoffs are. Based on … Read More

A Quick Message

Good afternoon Members, We’d like to take this opportunity to apologize for the website crash last night before Mike’s video could be posted. The bandwidth had been confirmed as good to go beforehand but with how successful we were in … Read More

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