March 2020 – News and Views

President/B.A – Mike Mahar

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

I sincerely want to thank all those that supported me in the recent election and look forward to working for you and the entire Membership over the next three years.

I’m probably stating the obvious when I say we hit the ground running January 1 dealing with contracting out and the City’s intent to discontinue vacation match allowances upon retirement
The potential contracting out of our Service Lane members has been our number one focus and to that end, we have met several Council members and been in discussion with senior management in an effort to find some common ground and keep all this work in house. Time and again the City of Calgary surveys have put public transit as the number one area to expand on and after years of building the infrastructure to provide a world class transit system it would be a shame to now start selling it off to the lowest bidder. There is no upside to the citizens of Calgary and if the infrastructure and rolling stock are not kept up now, it is going negatively impact the constituency of the City of Calgary very quickly.

I also want to thank all those Members that came out to our Rally to Support our Service Lane members on February 8. The solidarity shown was powerful and energizing.

With respect to the vacation matched retirement benefit, the City has backed up a bit from the position expressed in the media last December. However, they have served us an estoppel notice that their intent is to discontinue the benefit effective December 31, 2021 or at the time we reach a new collective agreement, whichever occurs last. We will be taking a position on this in negotiations and have been in discussions with our legal counsel with the intent of backing up our position as we try to reach a negotiated settlement.

Our Executive Board has met twice since taking Office and we’ve focused closely on developing our team, making sure our representatives have the support to best represent you in the work place. We are excited to have a number of new Stewards too. They have been eager to get to work and we will continue to provide the training to reach their potential.

I also wanted to update you on some initiatives we have taken to improve our communications and membership engagement. We have created a Facebook page and Twitter account as well as developing a plan to implement electronic voting on elections, referendum votes and even monthly Local business. We have also been in discussions with service providers to develop a way to have remote townhall meeting with the membership.

Please go to and register your e-mail to receive updates on these plans as they roll out and on some of our day to day activities. Our Facebook Page and Twitter Account are both ATULocal583.

Executive Vice President/A.B.A – Neil McKinnon

First of all, I appreciate your support in electing me to another three-year term for Vice President. Our Union faces many challenges right now, dealing with both our City Council and Provincial government and we need the support of all Members in the coming days.

Almost everyone may get into trouble at some point in their career. The City has a formal process to deal with their employees who may have made a mistake. Usually, this process begins with a Member being given a yellow call in notice. The employer does not inform the Union of call ins, so when you are given a call-in notice, you should call the Union office and we will arrange to have a Steward come to the meeting with you. It is very important to have a union representative with you during this meeting. Your Steward will meet with you briefly before the meeting so the two of you can discuss the issue you are being called in for and to briefly explain the process of the meeting. Your Steward will ensure management doesn’t ask questions they are not allowed to ask. Your Steward will take notes of what was said during the meeting, so an accurate record is kept. Your Steward is there to bear witness to the entire process of the call in. All of this can be very important if you end up being disciplined and we file a grievance on your behalf. Your Steward will be there to ensure you get treated properly at all times.

Financial Secretary Treasurer – Harry Lew

Thank you to everyone who supported me in this most recent election. I look forward to working hard in my new position. I attended Financial Secretary Treasurer training at the Tommy Douglas in Maryland in February and I am happy to report that all the important checks and balances are in place to protect our Local assets.

Our second audit for 2019 is underway, the report for which will be presented at the Regular Meeting following its completion. The first audit of 2020 will take place later this year.

The Social Committee has already been busy planning our annual events. The first being the Family Picnic, which will take place July 26, 2020 at Sandy Beach Park. As always, we will have refreshments, games and bike draws for Member’s children up to age 14. We hope to see you and your families there!

Recording Secretary-Maint/Office – Bill Johnson

Thank You to all the members that supported me in the last Election. Times are very difficult currently and the new team has a lot of work ahead of us.

In the fall of 2019, Management made changes to their Attendance Management Program and we have gotten many calls concerning it. I will provide you with the information that we are aware of at this time.

October 1, 2019, all employees were provided with a clean slate with respect to their attendance. The AMP will monitor all employees quarterly. The first quarter ran from October 1, 2019 until December 31, 2019. All employees are being monitored monthly, if you accumulate 30 hours, you may be required to have an informal chat with your supervisor. When the reports are generated after the quarter you maybe flagged for an informal with less than 50 hours or put into stage 1 with over 50 hours.

If you are put into stage 1, then you will have to show improved attendance for the next 2 quarters to be removed from the program. This means that each of the next two quarters, you have to have less that 50 hours, then you would be removed from the program.

Now if you get put into stage one in January and you miss over 50hrs in the next quarter (January 1,2020 until March 31,2020), you would then progress to stage two when the next report is generated.

Please understand, although management has changed the way they apply their program when it comes to attendance management, your rights to be off work due to sickness have NOT changed. Requests for accommodation when needed, has also not changed.
Regular Meeting
• March 10, 2020
• 10 AM and 7:30 PM
• Union Hall located at
5325 1A Street SW

Recent Retirements:
Roger Boersma – May –
Maintenance – 21 years

Donald McDougall – June –
Operations – 15 years

William Tucker – August
Maintenance – 21 years

Jacques Buchanan – Sept.
Operations – 10 years

Duffy Curran – September –
Operations – 8 years

Patrick Goeres – October
Operations – 19 years

Glen Sherman – October –
Maintenance – 39 years

Frank Young – October –
Maintenance – 38 years

Michael Anderson – Nov. –
Operations – 43 years

Glen Frache – November
Maintenance – 31 years

Darryl Huckle – November –
Operations – 46 years

Gary Russell – November –
Maintenance – 6 years

Darcy Van Aalst – November–
FSD Maintenance – 34 years

Dave Walsh – November –
Operations – 28 years

Christine Fines – December –
Operations – 11 years

John Godden – December –
Operations – 8 years

Stan Hyciek – December –
Operations – 27 years

Archie Robertson – Dec. –
Operations – 22 years

Jill Sutton – December
Operations – 17 years

John Tenbrink – December –
Maintenance – 30 years

Radosav Blagojevic – Jan. –
Maintenance – 35 years

Robert Brown – January – Operations – 27 years

Keith Durrant – January –
Operations – 39 years

Charanjeet Gill – January –
Operations – 18 years

Dean Johnson – January –
Maintenance – 11 years

Mohinder Khakh – January –
Operations – 22 years

Tanner Leach – January –
Exempt – 31 years

Glenda Morrison-Storozuk
Jan. – Operations – 17 years

Murray Neil – January –
Operations – 8 years

Christine Roberts – January –
Operations – 30 years

Harjit Seroya – January –
Operations – 21 years

Surinder Suri – January –
Operations – 17 years

Jeffrey Wray – January –
Operations – 6 years

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