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We would like to let our members know that Health Spending Account (HSA) forms are available in the sign up rooms so if you would like to submit a claim please stop by and get them. Also please see below for the explanation that will also be available in the sign up rooms with the forms.

The claims year-end for all health benefits claims in 2017 is February 28th, 2018. This would apply to any unused (un-submitted) benefits a member has not previously applied for. As well as the usual items often submitted (eyewear, dental, parameds, prescriptions, etc.) members can claim their extended health and dental premiums. These premiums have been deducted from member paychecks under the “After Tax Deduction” box, identified as “Dental Level __” and “Extended Health Level __”. For maximum return value use your Pay Period (PP) 26 pay advice which will have the highest “Year to Date” (YTD) amount. This amount should be applied for even if you feel you have maxed out your HSA because it will become a rolling claim and may be payable next the benefit’s year. More importantly 23% of MEBAC Plan members are not using the HSA feature of their benefits package.

Your claim can be submitted online if you have an account with Greenshield or mailed to the address on the form provided. The form provided indicates the items to submit with the PP26 date. Members may change the date and amounts if necessary.

Please do not use the sample amounts for your claim submission.

COPE 397 RR/jr

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