Volunteers for Transit Matters photoshoot

Please see below for a message from our advertising partner Scout Communications:

We have an exciting opportunity for ATU 583 Members to take part in our next positive image campaign. We are looking for volunteers to be featured in the campaign, which is themed “Transit Matters”. Transit, as it benefits our great city, matters to Calgary.

ATU Local 583 Members are the people who keep Transit running. Without them, there is no Transit. This is an opportunity for ATU to align itself with City of Calgary citizens to gain public support, and to educate the public on the value ATU 583 provides to the city, to Transit, and to their daily lives.

We take such pride in our Union and this is the ideal chance for you to get involved in positive messaging that will be seen across Calgary. If you’d like to be a volunteer, please submit a photograph of yourself as well as the phone number you can be reached at by Wednesday March 28th, 2018. Please submit your photograph and phone number to Jacinda@atu583.com (please do not use the contact form).

COPE 397 /jr

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