Transit Matters

ATU Local 583 launched the Transit Matters campaign in June and it’s had a great response.

This phase of the Transit Matters campaign will run through September, ending October and is meant to remind the public of the important role ATU Local 583 plays in our city.

The campaign includes bus kings (ads on the sides of buses) LRT station posters and online ads targeted to the riders use while taking transit as well a web page and a contest.

The Transit Matters campaign is one step in building public awareness of the work you do and the value you provide to the city.
That awareness will give ATU Local 583 leverage during budgeting and contract negotiations with The City. It also fills the well of goodwill with the public that ATU Local 583 can draw upon during times of difficulty such as facing cut backs, outsourcing and layoffs.
The web page of the campaign has a contest where the public (and members) are asked to tell a story of how Transit Matters to them. In doing so they are entered to win a family package of Calgary Zoo passes.

Here are some of the responses we have received from the public so far:

“Transit Matters to me because I am a senior (70yr. young), my husband still teaches music lessons & we only have 1 car. This means if I want to go out for lunch, downtown or to a mall I have to take either or both ctrain & city bus. Thankfully the bus drivers are friendly & helpful. Without bus service, I would be housebound!”

“It means travelling throughout the city without traffic and parking hassles; especially during major events. It should never be a question of whether or not to expand rapid transit due to costs; it should instead be a priority!”

“My daughter used Access Calgary – it gives her independence with the security of safe transportation. She also used the bus to go to work. Without public transit she would not be able to work. Calgary transit allows her to have positive quality of life.”
Congrats on being recognized as such an important part of Calgary!

Take a moment and check out and tell us why Transit Matters for your chance to win a family pack of Zoo passes.

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