Officer Garage Visit – May 2018

The Full Time Officers of ATU Local 583 will be at Anderson Garage on May 14, 2018 between 0830 and 1530 to say hello and answer questions the Membership may have. Please make a point to drop by the Dispatch area lunch room with your comments and concerns for discussion.
Also, the Officers of 583 will be at Fleet Services on May 16, 2018 between 2:45 and 3:35 PM. Please drop by the lunchroom with any comments or concerns for discussion.

As an incentive to pop by and visit before, during or after your shift Local 583 will be providing refreshments. Also present will be Cabinet Minister of Culture and Tourism Ricardo Miranda and Calgary-Glenmore MLA Anam Kazim; so bring your questions for our elected Government Officials.

The following garage visits are tentatively scheduled for June 11, 2018 at Victoria Park Garage between 0830 and 1530 and June 20, 2018 at OBMF between 13:00 and 15:30

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