Notice to Local 583 Members about the de-certification document

Late Friday afternoon (January 5th, 2018) our office was contacted by the Labour Relations Board, and told a petition has been submitted to revoke or de-certify ATU 583 as the Union for the employees of Calgary Transit and some members of Fleet Services (This is how the certificate is titled) The petition came from a few passenger agents at Access Calgary. In order for the petition to spark an actual vote to de-certify, 40% of the members must have signed the petition and we know 1200 (40%) of our members did not. So the petition will fail.

Due to recent changes in Labour Law, timelines have been shortened to come to a quick resolve in these situations. Therefore a posting announcing this action does goes out immediately, even before any investigation (such as finding out how many members constitute 40%) has a chance to begin.

It is important to know that this whole process is likely the result of a few members who have been mistreated by Access Calgary. ATU 583 has grieved the actions of Access Calgary, the grievance has reached the second level and Doug Morgan is confident the issue will be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction. As we all know, grievances never happen as quick as we would like, and we believe this has led to a very small number of disgruntled members putting forward this petition.

It is also important to relay to our members how damaging this action can be to our attempts to reach a new Collective Agreement. When an employer sees any divisions within the Union it makes it much more difficult to reach a good agreement. This is emphasized by the fact that the notices were posted on yellow cardboard and in unusual locations such as washroom mirrors and doors. So postings such as the one going up in the workplace/attached (please click image to view fully) will raise many questions.

If you require more information, please contact any of our Stewards or the Full Time Officers for a more complete explanation.

RR/jr COPE 397
January 8, 2018

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