Notice of nominations for the election of delegates for the 2019 International Convention

As per Section 6.7 of the Constitution and General Laws, this bulletin will serve as notice that there will be an election for delegates to the 2019 International Convention, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

As per Article 115 of the Local By-laws, nominations will take place at the February 13, 2018 General Meeting. Passport style photographs of nominees will be accepted in the Union Office until 16:00, February 14th, 2018 for the candidate’s poster. Photo expenses will be reimbursed after the election, upon the presentation of a receipt.

This vote is held subsequent to the Election of Officers to allow all members in good standing to let their name stand for election if they so choose.

The date of the vote will be March 12, 2018. Please check upcoming Union postings for the detailed Election Notice.

Zul Vira
Chief Returning Officer
ATU Local 583

COPE 397 ZV/jr January 30, 2018

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