Nagar Kirtan – Annual Sikh parade

Our members have been invited to attend Nagar Kirtan, the annual Sikh parade taking place on May 12, 2018. Please see below for more information!

From the letter sent by Ranbir Singh Parmar, President of the Dashmesh Culture Center in Calgary: The Sikh Community of Calgary has been celebrating Vaisakhi through an annual Nagar Kirtan parade since 1999. A Nagar Kirtan is a Sikh custom where the congregation will sing holy hymns throughout the community. The Calgary Nagar Kirtan has attracted an attendance of over 50,000 participants, making it the 2nd largest parade in Calgary.

The parade will start from the Dashmesh Culture Center (135 Martindale Blvd NE) on Saturday May 12, 2018 around 9 a.m, after the religious customs followed by the Mayor’s speech and will be back around 3 p.m. There will be a lot of other festivities, attractions, exhibitions and food stalls.

Please come join us and spend some time with the Sikh Community.

We hope that if you’re available you will take the opportunity to celebrate with everyone attending the parade this coming Saturday.

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