Government of Alberta Initiatives

Below are five links that lead to Government of Alberta Initiatives.

Key points about these projects:
• As the economy gets stronger it’s time to talk about how we secure the recovery for the long term and build an economy to last – one where no Albertan is left behind.
• This is about investing in good jobs and a stable economy by supporting diversification in our energy sector.
• The Energy Diversification Act builds upon Alberta’s traditional strengths. It moves us away from the boom and bust policies of the past without sacrificing our leadership in oil and gas.

1. Investing in a diversified energy future
2. Building on Alberta’s energy strengths
3. Petrochemicals Diversification Program
4. Petrochemicals Feedstocks
5. Partial Upgrading

Information from Chris O’Halloran, Office of the Premier

COPE 397 /jr

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  • Very nice to update membership about Labour friendly Alberta NDP government is doing good for working people.

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