Candidates supported by the Local 583 Membership for Municipal Election

The ATU Local 583 membership recently passed motions to support several Municipal Election candidates. These candidates were given monetary donations to support their campaigns. Below you’ll find a list of candidates the membership supported donations being given to.

Pictured are all the supported candidates receiving their campaign contributions.

Christopher Blatch – Ward 1
Ian McAnerin – Ward 3
Greg Miller – Ward 4
Hirde Paul Jassal – Ward 5
Balraj Nijjar – Ward 5
Esmahan Razavi – Ward 6
Druh Farrell – Ward 7
Evan Woolley – Ward 8
Gian-Carlo Carra – Ward 9
Salimah Kassam – Ward 10
Hermann Muller – Ward 10
Janet Eremenko – Ward 11
Naheed Nenshi – Mayoral candidate

ATU Local 583 feels it’s very important to back candidates who have values that align with us, the working class, and who support public services. Please consider voting for these candidates as a labour friendly City Council is something that is very important to the future of our Union.
The following candidates have been vetted by the Calgary and District Labour Council and Local 583 endorses them:

Ward 1 – Christopher Blatch
Ward 3 – Ian McAnerin
Ward 4 – Greg Miller
Ward 6 – Esmahan Razavi
Ward 7 – Druh Farrell
Ward 8 – Evan Woolley
Ward 9 – Gian-Carlo Carra
Ward 10 – Salimah Kassam
Ward 11 – Janet Eremenko
Mayor: Naheed Nenshi

RR/jr COPE 397

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