Retirement – Dave Sugden

Dave Sugden stopped by our office today and the Officers of ATU Local 583 presented him with his retirement plaque and package. Dave is a 37.5 year ATU Local 583 member and we want to wish him all the best … Read More

Member Passing – Joanne Paley

The Officers of ATU Local 583 wish to extend their most heartfelt sympathies to the family and the friends of Joanne Paley. Joanne was a retired Maintenance employee and a 38 year ATU 583 member. She passed away Friday March … Read More

Volunteers for Transit Matters photoshoot

Please see below for a message from our advertising partner Scout Communications: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We have an exciting opportunity for ATU 583 Members to take part in our next positive image campaign. We are looking for volunteers to be featured in … Read More

Nowruz celebration

The Officers of ATU Local 583 would like to wish everyone celebrating Nowruz ‘Navroz Mubarak’. All the best to you and your family, filled with good health, wealth, happiness, love, unity and all good things. COPE 397 /jr

Thank your Bus Driver Day

The Officers of ATU 583 send out a big THANK YOU to all our Operators today! You deserve to be acknowledged, enjoy your day of recognition. COPE 397 RR/jr

Retirement – Joseph Driessen

The Full Time Officers of ATU Local 583 were out yesterday (March 15th, 2018) to meet Joseph Driessen on his last run! We would like to wish Joseph all the best in his retirement and all the best in his … Read More

Government of Alberta Initiatives

Below are five links that lead to Government of Alberta Initiatives. Key points about these projects: • As the economy gets stronger it’s time to talk about how we secure the recovery for the long term and build an economy … Read More

New OHS Act

Please see below for a message from Chris O’Halloran, Stakeholder Relations, Office of the Premier. ————————————————————————————————————————- The new OHS Act, which takes effect June 1, 2018, defines workplace harassment and violence in all its forms, including sexual and domestic violence. … Read More

Member Passing – Susanne Lewin

The Officers of ATU Local 583 would like to extend their deepest sympathies to the friends and family of Susanne Lewin. Susanne was a 44 year retired office employee who was with ATU Local 583 for 44 years. She passed … Read More

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