AFL MidTerm Forum

We had a delegation of 24 attend the AFL 2018 Mid Term Forum! This year the forum focused on the upcoming election and how Unions can make a difference.

From the website on the Mid Term Forum:
The next election will be a pivotal one for Albertans.

– Will we continue to support our vital public services, or will we return to an era of brutal budget cuts?
– Will we diversify our economy, or will we keep putting all our eggs in one basket?
– Will we continue to support policies aimed at helping working families, or will we follow Donald Trump’s administration in a race to the bottom?

Our photo above (click to view full photo) shows our delegation: From Left: A. Dulat, P. Denig (kneeling), P. Matharoo, L. Tweedale, A. Bardhan, N. McKinnon, J. White, R. Farage, Z. Vira, D. Waugh, G. Sage, H. Woo, H. Lew, J. Harwood, S. Waugh, M. Patel, R. Todd, S. Ardagh, T. McKinstry, R. Dunn, G. Goddard, T. Mand. G. Singh, and R. Jessel.

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