International Convention 2019 – Voting



Please select up to ten (10) candidates for delegate status and up to four (4) candidates for alternate status. If more than ten candidates for delegate status are selected, the ballot will be considered spoiled.

After marking your candidate selections in the appropriate box (with an X) the ballot should be folded neatly and placed in the envelope marked “Place Ballot(s) In This Envelope” and sealed. If more than one ballot is placed in the ballot envelope or if more than the allotted number of candidate choices are selected, all choices on the ballot within that envelope will be considered spoiled.

The sealed Ballot Envelope should then be placed in the pre-addressed, postage paid envelope and returned to Grant Thornton LLP, by Canada Postal Service. If more than one ballot envelope is placed in the return envelope, those ballots will be considered spoiled.

To insure your vote is kept confidential, each Ballot Envelope will be removed from the return envelope prior to the Ballot Envelopes themselves being opened. The return envelope will be checked against the voter’s li t before having the ballot envelope removed.

All ballots must be received at Grant Thornton LLP office by 11:00 a.m., March 12, 2018. No mail in ballots will be accepted past that time. No walk in ballots will be accepted at Grant Thornton.

Please allow sufficient time for your ballot to reach the Grant Thornton Office by Regular Postal Service

Any member that does not receive a ballot, and is eligible to vote, may do so at the Union Office on March 12, 2018 between the hours of 5:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Also, if you have any concerns with Canada Post’s ability to deliver your ballot or if you prefer to vote in person, please feel free to vote at the balloting station on election day. Voters are allowed only to deposit their own ballots on Election Day.

If you have any questions on this matter, please call the Union Office at 403-258-1258.

Please note you can click on the photos to see the full image.

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